Naturally Reversing Diabetes Programme

Reversing Diabetes means control your blood sugar level within normal limit without any diabetic medicine in spite of taking normal food.

(know the Root Causes of diabetes – give blog link)

Why Reversing is so important-

-It Causes lots of diseases like heart disease, stroke, hypertension, obesity, alziemers disease,

– Causes complication like Diabetic kidney disease,

 Neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease.

-Decreases Immunity-

-increase in expenses of Medication & blood test life time

-So revering diabetes means literally we prevents all above disease & also eliminate all financial expenses. 

We can live life healthy & wealthy.

Key treatment feature-

  1. Consulting
  2. Diet modification
  3. Ayurveda treatment (include medicine &Panchkarma)
  4. Special types of Exercise.
  5.  Counselling
  6. Personal what’s app support.
  7. Stress Management.


-Normalise blood sugar level.

–  Reduce insulin doses.

–  Reduce medication of diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol etc. (initially we reduce medicine then gradually stop medication.)

– Reverse ageing

– Prevent diabetic complication.

-Improve immunity

-Reduce Weight

Reduce blood cholesterol

– Reduce Blood pressure medication.

Reduce acidity

-Eliminate constipation.

-Relives stress.

**100  % scientific

**100% authentic.

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