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Dr. pol’s vedamrut Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma center started on 3rd June 2014. it is an authentic Ayurvedic treatment center where we have given treatment for all chronic diseases, where we have given treatment all chronic diseases through Ayurvedic medicine, diet and Lifestyle changes, Panchakarma treatment, yoga therapy. here we cure Lifestyle disorders from their root causes like diabetes and hypertension, heart disease, obesity, hair fall, PCOD, infertility, joint pain, digestive problems. Dr. Pramod Pol and Dr. Komal are the chief Consultants And owners of Dr. Pols vedamrut both are MD kayachikitsa and have 8 to 10 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. also so we have an authentic Panchakarma center where we do all types of Panchakarma therapies like baman Vidhan Basti, Nasya, raktamokshana, body massage, steam therapy, Shirodhara, etc also we do diet and yoga consulting on different types of diseases.


Dr Pramod Pol


Dr. Pramod and Dr. Komal Pol are the Founder and Chief consultant of Dr pols vedamrut Ayurvedic treatment center.        Dr. Pramod pol MD Ayurvedic medicine completed his BAMS n MD in kayachikitsa from Dr. G D Pol Foundation ymt Ayurvedic Medical College Kharghar, Navi Mumbai .he is practicing as an Ayurvedic physician since 2010 he had a total of 10 years of experience in this field he cures thousands of people also prevent the lifestyle disorder using Ayurveda principle treatment .he is a specialist in Lifestyle disorder like heart disease diabetes obesity PCOD. but his special interests are reversing diabetes and Weight Loss.   he has also attached the Dr. G D Pol Foundation, ymt Ayurvedic Medical College Kharghar, Navi Mumbai as an assistant professor in the subject of medicine. is also co-founder of renowned brand herbal culture the herbal cosmetic manufacturing company .he also given health awareness lecture in different seminar .he is also International speaker given lectures in the international seminar.

Teaching experience

1) Assistant professor In  Dr. G.D. Pol Foundation Y.M.T. Ayurvedic Medical      College Kharghar Navi Mumbai Since 2014.


Articles published


RESEARCH WORK/DISSERTATION TITLE   :-Carried out research during MD on the following topic-

 Comparative Study Of Effect Of Shatapala Ghruta+Cat 1 And Only Cat 1in Rajayakshama Vyadhi Special Reference To Pulmonary Tuberculosis.


Above work carried out under the guidance of Asso.Prof.Dr.B.D Gharjare, Nashik University from Y.M.T.Ayurvedic Medical College ,Kharghar,Navi Mumbai-2013



  • TITLE: .Mutra Kruchha, Publication:- Bramha ayurved publications Delhi.
  • TITLE – Mahavatvidvans rasa.,Publication:- Ayurved patrika journal.
  • Comparative Study of Effect of Shatapala Ghruta+Cat 1 and Only Cat 1in Rajayakshama Vyadhi Special Reference to Pulmonary Tuberculosis. (publication details punarnav an International peer reviewed journal–may june -2016,volume -4 ,issue -3 ,issn no 2348 -1846)
  • A single case study of punarnavadi kashay and nirocil in hepatitis c viral load. (publication details- Ayurline an international journal of research in indian medicine, sept 2017, volume -1 issue 4 ,eissn -2456 4435)
  • To study Efficacy of vrushadyam ghruta in management of vicharchika

(Publication details-Ayurlog National journal of research in ayurved medicine.issn no 2320-7329, ayurkaushalya .


Guest Speaker

  • Delivered lecture on obesity in World AYUSH Expo 2019 & AROGYA is organized by AYUSH on 22nd to 25th August, 2019 at CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, and Maharashtra, India.
  • On the occasion of Global handwashing day 15 Oct 2020 online handwash training given to KES INDUBAI A WAJEKAR Primary School , Panvel sunrise .

The Programme was arranged by Rotary club of panvel sunrsie

3) Facebook Live lecture –taken on 4 july 2020, Topic –Diabetes & diet conducted       by   MAASD organization.

4) Delivered lecture in Bharati vidyapeeth prashala cbd belapur organized by  Sakal news paper & Bharati vidyapeeth prashala cbd belapur . Topic –diet   on 25jan 2020.


Dr Komal Pol


Dr. Komal Pol is a Founder and Chief consultant of Dr. pol’s vedamrut Ayurvedic clinic & Panchakarma center. Dr.Komal pol completed her BAMS in Dr.D.Y. Patil college & hospital Nerul, navi mumbai and MD in kayachikitsa (Ayurvedic medicine) from Dr. G D Pol Foundation ,YMT Ayurvedic Medical College and hospital Kharghar, Navi Mumbai .She is practicing as an Ayurvedic physician since 2010. she had a total 10 years experience in this field. She cures thousands of people using Ayurveda principle .she is a specialist in Skin ,Hair, Pcod, infertility but her special interest in skin ,Hair & Cosmetic treatment. She is also chief founder of renowned brand Herbal culture. Herbal Culture is Herbal cosmetic products manufacturing company . The products are handmade ,organic , premium quality.


Ayurvedic Treatment

obesity (weight loss programme)

Diabetes managements (Reversing Diabetes programme)

Hormonal disorder (hypothyroid ,hyperthyroid, )

Digestive disorder- (constipation, gases, hyperacidity ,ibs, inflammatory bowel disease, loose motion)

Respiratory disorder- Asthma ,copd ,Bronchitis)

cardiovascular disorder- Reversing heart disease, ischemic heart disease

Hair care treatment- Hair Fall, Hair growth, baldness ,premature greying of hair

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