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Treatments We Provide

Allergic Treatment

We treat all allergic problems

by the ayurvedic medicine, panchkarma (nasya) and diet modification.

Thyroid disorder

We treat thyroid disorder like hypothyroidism, thyroid goiter, hashimito thyroiditis, 

Hair treatment

We treat hair problem like hair fall, premature graying of hair, hair dandruff,  thinning of hair, dryness of hair .

Gyenacological treatment

We treat gynac problem like mentstrual irregularity pcod,  leucorrhea (white discharge)

and infertility.

Skin Treatment

We treat various skin disease like Facial acne, urticaria hyperpigmentation, dermatitis (eczema), fungal infection, psoriasis, vitiligo .

Digestive disorder treatment

We treat various digestive disorder like the hyperacidity, Gerd irritable bowel syndrome ulcerative colitis, gas in the abdomen, indigestion and diarrorea, dysentery.

Panchakarma treatment

We do the  panchakarma like the virechan, basti, Nasya, Raktamokshan (blood letting procedure) shirodhara, full body massage, full body steam, patrapottali Swed, udvartan (powder massage) janubasti, katibasti, leech therapy .

Diet consultation

We do the diet consulting according various to disease

and body type .

Musculoskeletal disorder treatment

We treat osteoarthritis (knee joint pain) osteoporosis, Back pain, the slip disc (prolapse intervertebral disc) sciatica, Cervical & lumber spondylosis, Radiculopathy .

Respiratory disorder treatment

We treat various respiratory diseases like Asthma, chronic cough and cold.

Cardiac disorder treatment

We do treatment of ishemic heart disease (heart blockage) Hypertension & palpitations.

Stress management

We treat all chronic stress condition like anxiety and depression by consultation of diet, panchkarma treatment counselling and The Ayurveda medicine .

Urinary disorder treatment

We treat various urological diseases like kidney stones, burning micturation, prostrate enlargement, chronic kidney disease, dribbling micturation,  increase in urinary frequency.

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

We give treatment for all chronic diseases through Ayurvedic medicine , diet and lifestyle changes.