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Our Methods In Healing

Ayurveda emphasizes preventative and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation.



Dibetes treatment (Reversing diabetes )

We Reverse Diabetes naturally by diet planning ,excercise,panchakarma and nutritional suppliment.

skin treatment

We treat various skin disease like psorisis ,eczema ,acne fungal infecion by ayurvedic drugs

Obesity Treatment

We reduce weight scintific way by diet planning ,panchkarma treament and ayurvedic medicine

Hair Treatment

We treat hair loss ,drandruff in hair ,premature graying of hair ,thining of hair.

Gynacological Treatment

We treat pcod ,infertility ,white discharge ,fibroid etc.

Pain Management

We treat arthritis, backpain ,cervical spondylysis,lumber spondylysis,slip disc.

Allergic Management

We treat allergic problem by ayurvedic medicine,panchkarma (nasya)and diet modification.

Herbal Cosmetic Product

We manufacture Herbal cosmetic product (Handmade)like facewash ,shampoo,hair oil ,lip balm, face pack powder, cream.

Panchkarma Treatment

We do authentic panchakarma treatment like basti Nasya ,shirodhara, snehan swedan etc

Diet Consultation

We do diet planing for various disease like Dibetes,obesity,skin problem, allergic problem etc.

Digestive Disorder Treatment

We cure hyperacidity , indigestion ,gas problem constipation.

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