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Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment

Nowadays stress, fast food, hormonal changes, chemical hair treatments, genetic and vitamin-mineral deficiency are among the main causes for hair fall. Recent research shows that the hair fall problem is very commonly found in young populations all over the world.

About Dr. Pol's Vedamrut Hair fall treatment

1 - Diagnosis

This is the 1st phase of our treatment where we do a physical examination and do relevant blood investigation to rule out underlying diseases like hypothyroidism, anaemia, diabetes etc. In this phase, we find out the root cause of the hair fall and then advice treatment accordingly.

2 - Diet Modification

This is our 2nd phase of treatment where we advise proper diet according to the root cause of disease and body type.

3 - Ayurvedic Medicine/ Panchakarma

According to the patient body type and the root cause, we advice ayurvedic medicine that prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. Ayurveda medicine will not only stop the hair fall but also strengthen the hair from the core. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment like Shirodhara is very beneficial for hair fall.

4 - Herbal/Organic hair products

Chemical hair treatment is one of the root causes of hair loss and hence we use herbal, organic hair products to treat hair fall. 

5 - Vitamin & Mineral supplement

Sometimes the main cause of hair fall is due to hypovitaminosis. Hence we give supplements like calcium, vitamins, iron etc., to treat hair loss. 

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