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Root causes of Diabetes mellitus

1. Insulin Resistance

Diabetes and high blood pressure as well as heart disease are on the rise due to lifestyle changes and poor diet. Among them, diabetes and high blood pressure are silent killers, the root cause of diabetes is what we are going to learn in this article today.

Lifestyle changes, wrong diet, refined products, refined flour, high consumption of animal products (non-veg and dairy), high sugar intake increases the amount of insulin in the body, it is called hyperinsulinemia in your body. This causes injuries, swelling of the body, and weight gain. As a result, the cells in our body resist excessive insulin, which is called insulin resistance.

Due to insulin resistance, glucose cannot enter the cells and as a result, glucose rises in the blood. This is called diabetes. Insulin resistance is the leading cause of diabetes in adults. Therefore, in type 2 diabetes, the amount of insulin is high, not low, especially due to the blockage in the cells (insulin resistance) sugar increases and diabetes occurs.

2. Obesity

Weight gain is due to refined products, refined flour as well as fast food, excessive consumption of sugar, lack of exercise, physical and mental stress, insufficient sleep. Characteristic that the fat around the abdomen increases is what we call central OBCT (central/abdominal obesity). Exceeding the abdominal circumference of 32 inches increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, as excess fat interferes with insulin sugar and cell function. For this, it is necessary to reduce the girth of the stomach and reduce the amount of flour, animal products, and fast food in the diet. Diabetes is not a disease of sugar but a disease of fat. Therefore, it is important to reduce excess fat to prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and heart disease.

3. Lack Of Nutrients

It is characterized by the deficiency of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Zinc, B Complex, Vitamin A, Chromium, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and many more. Deficiency, as well as overcooked food, leads to a deficiency of nutrients in the body. As a result, glucose, insulin, and cell function are disrupted. This means that the cells do not get sugar and it starts to grow in the blood. This increases the chances of developing diabetes.

4. Inflammation

This is a special type of inflammation that occurs in the body and on the cells in the body. This inflammation is caused by excessive physical and mental stress, lack of sugar in the diet, refined products as well as fast food, and lack of exercise. This inflammation interferes with the work of insulin, glucose, and cells.

5. Stress : Physical And Mental Stress

Nutritional deficiencies include vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiencies, as well as insufficient sunlight, refined products, and lack of exercise, leading to increased stress. Physical and mental stress is one of the leading causes of diabetes. Increased mental stress leads to high blood sugar and therefore weight gain. Increased weight stress increases the chances of developing diabetes.

6. Lack Of Exercise

Lack of exercise leads to weight gain as well as increased insulin resistance, which is why regular exercise increases insulin sensitivity and helps control physical and mental stress.

When treating diabetes, it is important to consider the causes, as well as to make the right lifestyle changes and to treat the causes by diagnosing them.

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